The DJI Mini 2 Brings 4K to a Beginner Drone

DJI introduced the Mavic Mini not too long ago, boasting off a takeoff weight that fell under the threshold of 250g. Now the company is back with the Mini 2, addressing users’ most important requests without going over the weight threshold. And for some reason, they sacked the Mavic branding and gave the new iteration a shorter name: DJI Mini 2.


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The original Mini was loaded with cool features and was easy to use. It was also during this time DJI introduced the Fly app and offered an intuitive interface. However, the drone had some issues, which naturally frustrated enthusiasts. For one, users complained about why the drone only had the ability to capture JPEG files. Another complaint is the spotty transmission.


DJI didn’t turn a deaf ear to the cries and addressed these concerns, giving way to the DJI Mini 2. Of course, the upgrades come with a price, but who wouldn’t want to pay for a higher quality camera with the ability to record up to 4K/30p video and capture Raw+JPEG files? The new drone also features DJI’s impressive OcuSync 2.0 transmission tech rather than rely alone on Wi-Fi.

Better Motors and Communication

The Mini 2’s motors are more efficient and more powerful. It still doesn’t have the sophisticated tech of detecting obstacles, but breezy days won’t be a problem any more thanks to its more robust motors. It’s able to fly in winds up to 24mph (from 17.7mph) with a battery lasting up to 31 minutes during flight.


The connection between the device and the remote control has also been improved. The Mavic Mini had a reputation of sputtering despite the drone in visual range. But the Mini 2’s OcuSync 2 makes for enhanced communication, and it even has a remote similar to the Mavic Air 2, which is more expensive. It can maintain a stable connection for up to 6.2 miles, three times more than that of the first version.

Upgraded Camera

While the Mini 2 and Mavic Mini’s camera hardware is the same, the newly released drone has some upgrades to it. As mentioned, video resolution is now bumped to 4K with a 30fps frame rate and a digital zoom option. Users will be able to enjoy a lossless quality zoom at lower resolutions. And of course, the Mini 2 retains the original Mavic Mini’s 2.7K and 1080p recording.

The same 12MP resolution continues, but support for Raw image has been added. You’re still able to capture aerial shots in JPEG, but adding Raw offers more room to edit and tone images. You can also edit your work using your phone. The Mini 2 supports quick and seamless file transfers via its remote and can be set to offload footage upon landing automatically.

Price and Availability

You can get the DJI Mini 2 at $499, which is a bit higher than the Mavic Mini. If you’re willing to splurge more, there’s a Fly More package available for $600, which includes two more batteries, a multi-battery charger, and a carrying case.

The DJI Mini 2 is out now.

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