Lumos Ultra Sets the Standard in Bike Helmets

Lumos Ultra is a new bike helmet style that originated from the Kickstarter campaign to finance the development of a new range of bicycle safety gear. This is an innovative invention that is unlike any other we have ever seen. It’s clear from the overwhelming feedback of the Kickstarter backers that this helmet is going to be a famous piece. This is a helmet that any cyclist would be interested to consider. After a thorough review of the campaign and the helmet, there are crucial details that all riders need to hear about.

A Smart Helmet

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Lumos Ultra is smart enough to boast smart connected features and looks cool when wearing it too. This is partly due to its sci-fi feel, which stems from a set of LED lights on the front and rear of the helmet. It helps you see and be seen and provides a lot of details about your movements to the drivers around you, helping to keep you safe.

Lumos Ultra Style and Design

We love the cool science-fiction theme a lot.  There is an array of LED lights around the front and three sets along the rear, all doing various functions. The front lights shine white, while the central rear triangle shines bright red and is flanked by two other triangles which either serve as direction markers or stop lights.

Yes, the Lumos has the same functionality as the rear of a car. It’s all cleverly controlled by a small device connected to the bike’s handlebar—which communicates via Bluetooth—with left and right buttons to monitor the indicators and an accelerometer that triggers the “brake” light when slowing down.

Battery and App

The Lumos app is relatively easy to use. It displays the battery level for the helmet and the handlebar control and features multiple adjustments to adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer, the warning beep length, and the ability to upgrade the firmware of the helmet.

Price, Availability, and Durability

The Lumos launched as a Kickstarter product and is now available for order via the company’s website after successfully collecting its necessary funds. It’s priced at $170, which places it in the upper range for a bicycle helmet—priced variations run roughly one-tenth of the cost—and only a handful of the best-known brands charge more than that for their high-end models.

It’s waterproof and made of rubber, so to smash it, it’ll probably take you to fall off your bike.  The quality of the structure is fine, but there are some cracks and groans from the plastic casing and some places where the pieces do not match together precisely. It looks like the result of the first generation, which it is. It’s not quite close to becoming unwearable though, because Lumos does sell substitutes for this basically consumable component, so it’s something to bear in mind if you’re wearing it every day.

Should You Buy It?

The Lumos cycling helmet puts protection and usability first, ignoring unnecessarily complex characteristics that limit its enduring appeal. It’s easy to wear and our inner nerd is drawn to the sci-fi look, but you’ll have to be willing to pay more on a cycling helmet than usual to get one.

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