Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush Is It Worth the Hype

From flat irons to blow-dryers, hair tools are a complicated matter. The genre includes too many variations of the same handful of products, and individual allegiances to particular ones are deep-seated and unwavering.  But there’s one gadget out there right now that we’ve heard plenty of buzz lately that seems to be a universal crowd-pleaser: the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush. Is it all hype, though?

What is the Revlon One-Step?

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer is a lightweight, all-in-one hair dryer that dries your wet hair while styling it at the same time. Hot air flows through the openings between the brushes, giving you greater leverage and reducing the number of tools you need to hold at once.

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The design uses two types of bristles to improve airflow and reduce tangling and comes with two heat settings and one cool setting. It also supports ion technology, which is widely used in blow dryers to reduce frizz and produce a glossy finish.

Certified Amazon Best-Seller

The incredibly popular hair dryer brush is Amazon’s best-seller (and always sells out). It has more than 84,000 reviews (nearly 66,000 of which are five-star ratings) and promises to produce seamless blowouts in half the time. Its namesake volume is attributed to the ability to position the dryer close to the scalp, underneath the hair, for that swinging, salon-coiffed look.

How Does the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush Work?

Its cool elliptical shape means smooth swaths of hair with minimal tugging and a mix of nylon pin bristles detangles when tufting the bristles smoothly. Since the 1.8-pound dryer combines both a brush and a dryer in one package, you can do more than five minutes of styling without tapping out due to tired arms and/or sweaty neck. The cool tip at the top of the brush provides an ergonomic spot to grasp with your opposite hand, which maintains the friction when styling and decreases the weight of the tool.

The one drawback: its heat setting. The brush comes with two default modes, low and high, which means high speed/high heat or low speed/low heat. The high setting is strong and very hot, so it can be a little rough on shorter hairstyles, where the tool is getting closer to the scalp.

The mixture of high heat and boar-style bristles ensures a perfectly smooth result that doesn’t require a flat iron touch-up—which is both good and bad. The good thing is that in one step, your hair would look fantastic. The negative thing: it could potentially damage your hair over time.

Should You Buy It?

The iconic Dyson Hair tool, which admittedly works well, costs $400+, but the Revlon One-Step beats Dyson’s equivalent products at about a tenth of the price. This tool is inexpensive, but its effects are adequate to support the need for a new hair tool.  The simplicity of using only one tool for drying and brushing your hair is a total game-changer for people who want to minimize their beauty and grooming steps.

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