Ring Video Doorbell Elite Review The Best Doorbell Camera Ever

You might ask yourself why you need such a high-end doorbell, but looking at the Ring Video Doorbell Elite and knowing what it can do, it’s enough to make you go: “Yep, I do need THAT doorbell.”

It’s designed for homes where owners are big on style — the Ring Elite is the only model in the line-up that can sit flush. It’s the only Ring doorbell that uses Ethernet too, instead of Wi-Fi, which means connections are faster and more stable.

Ring DoorBell Elite Design

Ring Elite has a distinctive look that makes it much more sophisticated than a typical doorbell; however, it lacks elegance relative to other Ring models.

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On top of that, you can adjust and customize the appearance of your doorbell to your taste. You can choose from four different colored faceplates: Satin White, Satin Black, Satin Nickel, and Dark Bronze.

Ring Doorbell Elite Favorite Features

One of our favorite aspects of Ring’s high-end doorbell camera was control over motion detection. In the Ring app, you’ll find multiple settings for dialing—the form of gesture that activates an alarm.

There’s also a “Snooze” motion option that we considered helpful during a family get-together at home. This effectively snoozed our notifications for a couple of hours when we had company coming in and out so that we weren’t bombarded with warnings.

 We really liked how this doorbell camera performed during daily use. In fact, we found that instant notifications came through quicker than any other doorbell we’ve been testing. This is clearly attributed to the Ethernet connection and the fact that continuous power flowed to the device. There’s no downtime, no latency time, and we never had to think over a sluggish Wi-Fi connection (a weakness we see in many wireless home security products). So kudos to Ring for its overall responsiveness, speed, and reliability.

And what’s an entryway camera with no sharp resolution? Well, the Elite is also making the grade in this category. But with that said, we weren’t blown away by the quality of the footage. After trying it out for a few days, the resolution actually reminded us of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro model—simple and clear. At 1080p HD, though, video output doesn’t measure up to the doorbell cameras that deliver 4K (like the Arlo Ultra) that we’re beginning to see more and more.

 Ring Video Doorbell Elite Performance

Getting a wired connection makes a huge difference in how easily you receive updates on your devices. We’re used to waiting for 30 seconds for a conventional smart doorbell, but we found that the Ring Video Doorbell Elite was a lot faster, and alerts that anyone was at the front door came across a lot faster in a matter of seconds.

It’s quick to chat to someone at the front entrance, with audio and video clearly visible. The speaker on the Elite Video Doorbell is also nice, making it easier for the person, on the other hand, to hear what you’re saying.

Should You Buy It?

The Ring Video Doorbell Elite is certainly one of the most advanced doorbells ever built. It is uniquely powered by an Ethernet connection, which guarantees you of top quality video. The features, including its sensors and a high-quality camera, ensures that your home is always protected, and for this reason, it one of the best doorbell cameras on the market.

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