Samsung Odyssey G9 The Best 49 Inches Your Money Can Buy

A 49-inch TV is considered normal these days, but that size in a gaming monitor? That’s pretty huge! That’s exactly the size of Samsung’s latest curved ultrawide screen, the Odyssey G9.

The Samsung C49G95T (Odyssey G9) provides an amazingly immersive viewing experience thanks to its colossal 49′′ 5120×1440 curved screen built on high contrast, high peak brightness, and wide color spectrum VA monitor.

Samsung Odyssey G9: There’s no such thing as too big

The first thing to discuss is the scale of the display. It’s big at 49in across the diagonal, of course, but its 32:9 aspect ratio means it’s much wider than you would imagine. In fact, it measures a gigantic 1.15m from the left edge to the right edge and the broad 1000R curve means that the display measures 235mm from the front to the back in the middle and around 416mm at the sides. Basically, make sure you measure your desk before you spend, or you can end up wasting even more money.

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In this kind of scale, any kind of curve is necessary, with very large screens that are smooth, where you feel as if the edge of the screen is almost disappearing away from you as you let your eyes wander. So even though the 1000R curvature of the G9 appears over the top, it’s actually great for the scale of the screen.

Samsung Odyssey G9: Image Quality

Overall, the picture quality for the G9 is really impressive, and whether you’re gaming or creating, it’ll do the job. Unlike most HDR PC displays, the 5.120 x 1.440 VA QLED monitor is capable of achieving a peak brightness of 1,000cd/m2, meeting the HDR10 Premium standard for TVs and more than matching it for testing.

Getting HDR activated, as often seems to be the case with Windows 10, is a bit of a lottery. But when it performs, it looks gorgeous, with eyeball-busting specular highlights and luscious, vivid colors bursting from the surface of the stage like neon signs on a gloomy, rainy night.

Should You Buy It?

Samsung Odyssey G9 costs $1,479.99—a premium price for a premium monitor like nothing else on the market. You may find other 49-inch 32:9 panels for less, but none with this blend of resolution, brightness, curvature, and refresh rate.

All told, the Samsung Odyssey G9 is a spectacular monitor by any measure. Its scale, picture quality, and output are very good, the spectacular 1000R curve places you right at the center of the action, and halfway decent sRGB mode means that it’s not a write-off for picture or video editing either.

And even though it costs a lot of money, it’s not that bad for a monitor with this level of specification, especially the 240Hz refresh rate and the 1000R curve, which is a rare combination on the monitor market. If you have the resources and the desk space for it, then it’s highly recommended.

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