Say Goodbye to Grumpy Mornings With the Philips SmartSleep Wake Up Light

We now live in a world where good sleep is nothing but an urban myth. Between jobs, kids, and a global health crisis, not to mention the abnormal urge to always reach for our smartphones, it’s not really surprising why we’re not getting enough quality sleep. And with bad sleep, expect to wake up always grumpy and groggy in the morning.

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But a new alarm clock is ready to replace the alarm in your smartphone and will help in making mornings easy.

Meet the Philips SmartSleep Wake Up Light.

How it Works

At its most simplistic sense, the Philips Smart Connect Wake-Up Light is an alarm clock that uses light to awaken you softly and naturally. But it’s a lot more than just a light therapy tool. Philips also brings the “wellness” perspective to the maximum here, with added features like breathing exercises, natural sounds, environmental monitoring, sleep tracking, and more. You can also use it as a bedroom speaker and a cell phone charger.


Philips Smart Connect Wake-Up Light Features

Simulated Sunrise and Sunset

The light will turn on softly, beginning with a faint glow, and then steadily brightening over the amount of time you will select, until it brightens your room like a natural sunrise. You may also select the color of your sunrise, from red, orange or white, in this latest Connected edition. You may also adjust how long it takes for the light to completely illuminate and its average brightness.

Sound Effects & FM Radio FM

There are several sound options available on the Philips SmartSleep. You may set them to play as white noise to help you relax, or as an alarm sound. Sound options vary from spa-style music, nature sounds, and even Tibetan singing bowls.

A new feature called PowerWake Alarm will also give you a more jarring wakeup if that’s what you need to get up with. PowerWake alarm incorporates the sound of a typical alarm clock and blinking lights to get you out of bed.

Also interesting is that you can connect an aux cord to connect your phone, but there is no Bluetooth for playback, which maybe is an oversight. There’s a USB plug that’s useful for charging other gadgets. There’s also an FM radio that you can use to listen to or as part of your wake-up routine.

Should You Buy It?

If you’re sick and tired of your standard sound alarm and want to wake up more naturally with light, the Philips SmartSleep Light is a solid investment. This is particularly true when the nights are too cold and cozy and getting up is difficult. It’s not inexpensive, but it’s worth it if you’re planning to use all the extra features that come with it.

If you’re only after a basic wake-up light, you could find something cheaper with less bells and whistles. However, if you want an innovative light-based alarm with lots of extra functionality to reinvigorate your sleep-wake cycles, it’s hard to beat the Philips Smart Connect Wake Up Light. Given it’s not cheap,  act quickly once it goes on sale.

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