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The Floating Mug: How Does It Live To Its ‘World’s Most Beautiful Mug’ Claim?

We know how horrible stains and water rings can be. But don’t worry—thanks to the Floating Mug, these are problems of the past. This Kickstarter project merges a mug and a coaster into a single design, making not only a practical vessel but also a conversation starter.

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‘The World’s Most Beautiful Mug’

Lauded as “the world’s most beautiful mug,” the Floating Mug was originally inspired by bananas. Not the fruit, but the banana stand, the curved shape of which resembles the handle of a mug. And yes, if you look at the Floating Mug, it definitely recalls the features of that iconic design.

The handle of the mug stretches to the bottom, which is essentially a built-in coaster. The liquid-containing portion of the mug floats above the base and is attached to the top of the handle only, creating a small distance between the bottom of the vessel and the coaster. And that’s how you avoid creating water rings.

You should probably have a napkin ready, though. There are occasions when you’ll cause spills that result in too much moisture dripping onto the base.

Normally, the amount of moisture that makes it to the bottom of the floating mug evaporates away or merely clings to the bottom of the mug. Excessive moisture retention caused by the actual spill can easily be dabbed dry with a small napkin.

Thousands of floating mugs (original porcelain version) have been sold online. The vast amount of favorable reviews include feedback on this one concern. The mug and coaster is fully functional.

The Floating Mug Revised

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The first version of the Floating Mug made its first appearance on Kickstarter in 2012 and raised around $40,000 from nearly 600 backers. At the time, though, the Floating Mug was made of ceramic and was very small (if you really needed a caffeine boost, you were going to need a couple of cups). But now the Floating Mug is back, and it’s bigger and better than it was before.

First of all, it’s made of glass, which somehow makes the design all sleeker. More significantly, there’s the fact that it now contains 12 ounces of liquid, which means that you can probably make do with only one non-table-staining cup.

Should You Get The Floating Mug?

Yes, for both functional and aesthetic reasons. It’s not every day you get to hold a beautiful mug and one that’s designed to leave your surfaces spotless, too.

The Floating Mug is now available on Amazon for $30 and is available in clear and white porcelain variants.

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