Bissell Crosswave Review: Is This The Most Versatile Vacuum Ever?

This Bissell Crosswave review will discuss this versatile, wet-dry vacuum that gives users the ability to vacuum, sweep and mop at the same time.

This particular Bissell is capable of sucking dry debris while both mopping and washing up wet substances on your hard floors. In addition, by clicking a button, you can wash your area rugs effortlessly. The Bissell Crosswave is a perfect choice for users who want to sweep and mop in a single pass.

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Bissell Crosswave Review: Special Features

1. Multi-Surface Brush

The CrossWave cordless brush roll is designed to operate on various floor types. It’s soft enough to be effective in dislodging mud. This ensures that you won’t have to worry if your house is multi-floor or if you have delicate surfaces like hardwood. However, you can only use the CrossWave brush roll on sealed hardwood. It’s because of its washing operation that could pose a risk to unsealed flooring.


The soft design of the brush helps to retain the cleaning solvent as it rotates and improves its mopping operation on the surfaces. When used on carpets, the bristles help to agitate the dirt to make it easy to pick up the suction inlet. When you wash this product to wash the floors, the brush roller gets sodden with a cleaning solution and needs to be rinsed and dried. There is a tray and drying rack supplied by the manufacturer for this purpose.

2. Pivot Head

The body of the Bissell CrossWave swivels to give you more control of the system while cleaning. You can easily direct it around objects, making cleaning tasks more relaxed and easy. The swivel is smooth, and you’re not going to need a lot of work to move the handle.

3. Fingertip Controls

Control buttons are mounted on the handle within easy reach. You can run the vacuum without struggling to find something that’s a commendable design. Controls are often easy to understand and just a few, which further eases the challenge of vacuum operation.

4. Two Tank System


The unit uses different tanks, and the polluted water and cleaning solution does not combine. This has many benefits. It means that the cleaning solvent touching the surface is always fresh. This is a must-have feature that improves cleaning performance, particularly when washing carpets. The tanks must be rinsed after each cleaning session, which means that they must be separated from the machine. The manufacturer is offering a simple way to do so.

5. 3-in-1 Charging Station

Apart from charging the battery, the dock provides a place to clean and store the device. It comes with a tray to hold water when the unit is rinsed after a cleaning process. After that, the docking station will hold the unit until you use it for another task. There’s even a rack to dry the roll of the brush.

6. Carry Handle

Bissell made it a lot easier to carry this vacuum. It comes with a convenient handle that helps you to move the unit from one position to another. Although this feature can sound meaningless, it is really helpful for users who need to clean surfaces on various floors of their homes.

Is the Bissell Crosswave a Good Value?


This Bissell Crosswave review agrees that it offers an amazing value. This Bissell serves as a mop and a vacuum and does an outstanding job of cleaning in either. The price you pay for this unit, currently, $250 for the standard edition and $300 for the pro, is well worth the high level of performance you get.

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