Fossil Sport Review: The Ideal Smartwatch for the Budget Conscious

It’s safe to say that the Fossil Sport actually has some of the qualities of the best smartwatch there is. Loaded with the Google Wear OS and packed stylish out of the box, it performs pretty well despite not having the best app compatibility.

Let’s dig in further to see what the Fossil Sport is all about.

Fossil Sport Review: What to Like


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The Fossil Sport Smartwatch delivers a pretty good performance as hot fitness trackers go, thanks to its neat Snapdragon 3100 chip. Like the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch, it sports a round design and looks pretty nice. In terms of weight, it’s lighter compared to the mentioned Samsung smartwatch.

All that combined along with app flexibility and sensing capability, the Fossil Sport makes for a pretty great smartwatch.


Installed with Wear OS 2.7 based on Android 8.1 Oreo, many Fossil Sport reviews praise the smartwatch for performing well above the standard fitness band. With 4GB of onboard storage and 512MB of RAM, there’s enough room for additional apps and you can even play music in it. As for the apps, well, they are limited but you get to use the preinstalled Google Fit Breath and Nike Run Club app for fitness tracking.

You also get to enjoy the smartwatch’s gyroscope, altimeter, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and heart rate monitor. Together with the GPS, you get a pretty accurate data monitoring for exercise and workout.

Unlike most other Wear OS watches, the Fossil Sport can be used in swimming monitoring, owing to its waterproof resistance of 5ATM and up to 164 feet underwater. Some Fossil Sport reviews, however, have commented on how the watch’s fitness tracking is not as precise as they would want it to be due to the slight delay in GPS tracking


The Fossil Sport comes in either 41mm or 43mm sizes with a body made of mostly aluminum and the lower part of nylon. For the fashion-crazed, the watch is stylish and is conveniently lightweight to boot.


The AMOLED touchscreen offers you some pretty good watch faces that you can select from the good but minimal ones, and with a picture from Facebook or Instagram, you can also customize one of your own.

Other than that, the Fossil Sport smartwatch gives you a pretty decent aesthetic with the 22 mm silicone bands that are comfortable and even readily replaceable. As for the magnetic charging pod and the heart rate monitor on the bottom of the watch, none of which affect the comfort of the watches while still working pretty well. You still get several color selections that might still not be available on other sites, though.

Fossil Sport Review Wrap Up

Although it does not have the highest variety of applications and while it may lag a bit at times while using those apps, in this price range, the Fossil Sport works very well as a smartwatch. And as any other smartwatch review would say, it’s more than a great option to get yourself the Fossil Sport if you need anything compatible with Android, records health data very well and is even waterproof up to 50 meters and also provides customizability along with onboard music storage.

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