Sleepless Nights No More With the Big Red Rooster White Noise Sound Machine

If you want a white noise machine that can be operated by either using a USB cable or standard AA batteries, then the Big Red Rooster makes a great choice. Although quite limited with only six sound options, it’s perfect for those with a limited budget or for people who travel a lot, due to its compact size.

Big Red Rooster White Noise Sound Machine Design and Size


The Big Red Rooster looks stunning from a distance, with its shiny white finish and simple keys. And the large labeled buttons make it very easy to use. However, if you check it closely or push some buttons, it’s clear that it’s made of soft plastic and doesn’t feel as sturdy as it seems.

However, it is relatively compact, which is ideal for traveling. Measuring 4 x 4.4 x 2.6 inches and weighing 5.9 ounces, it can be comfortably packed in a suitcase or a vehicle.

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Big Red Rooster White Noise Sound Machine Performance

The speaker faces sideways, facilitating targeted listening. Quality is fair, particularly at a price. Compared to some of the higher-end versions, such as LectroFan and Avantek, the max volume is not as high. Yet it’s still nice enough to mask a lot of outside noise.

You can use it in a bedroom to block the sound of a TV in another room, people talking, and any kitchen noise. But loud traffic, music, or barking dogs might still reach your ears.


The 6 Sounds

The Big Red Rooster has a choice of six sounds:

White Noise: the standard option found in most of the white noise machines. It sounds fine to the ears, although it might be too loud for some people.

Summer Night: blends the tone of a light fan with cricket. Perfect for eerily quiet rooms.

Ocean: sounds good—more like a soft lapping wave sound than a strong ocean. On a short loop, but well spliced together. No additional bird sounds.

Brook: a fun, steady sound of rushing water. There are no animal noises overlaid.

Rain: sounds like hard rain on a window. The speaker doesn’t deal too well with louder volumes. Use this one at low to mid-volume for the best effect.

Thunder: the sound of distant thunder. On a loop, but it still sounds pretty good.


If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a white noise machine, the Big Red Rooster is one of the cheapest models for under $20. Probably the main points in its favor are the easy to use buttons and the fact that it can be battery operated, which isn’t common with these devices.

Yet you do get what you’re paying for. And in this case, that means a very small number of sounds and a style that feels cheap.

One last note is that there are two very close versions here. The one reviewed here is for adults, but they also make one for kids, which you can tell because of the lullaby sound. So make sure to try it out before you buy it.

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