Amazon’s New Echo 10 Can Actually Move So It Won’t Ever Miss Anything

Amazon in September announced the newest iteration of its flagship smart display, the new Echo Show 10. Though it doesn’t ship until the holidays, here’s what we know what’s changed so far.

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It Moves!

That’s right. Though there are some fresh updates and changes from the previous model, the Amazon Echo Show 10 actually moves, and by that we mean it can pan its head whenever you interact with the device.

Echo Show models in the past have always been fixed in one position, but the Echo Show 10’s display is perched on a base integrated with a motorized tech so that it can swivel around automatically when it’s being used. What’s amazing is that it can tell where you are in the room and turn itself around so its screen will face you. According to Amazon, the device can do this using a blend of echolocation and computer vision technology.

By allowing the device to move its screen as you move around getting ready for the day, preparing meals, doing the dishes, or whatever kind of activity in the kitchen, there’s no need to keep going back to see what’s on the display — you always have it on view. It’s particularly of big help when you’re using the Echo Show 10 to display a recipe while cooking.


To determine where you are in the room, the Echo Show 10 uses its computer vision and audio-based location. Simply say “Alexa.” This tech is an extension of the audio-based locating already found in Echo devices. The bright point on the blue ring that illuminates when you say Alexa is where the device thinks you’re located.

It’s worth noting that this process is all done locally. According to Amazon, it uses an image to create data points that represent shapes, general coloring, and edges. Afterward, the image is discarded immediately.

No Facial Recognition in Amazon Echo 10

The Echo Show 10 does not use face recognition unlike Google’s Nest Hub Max, which can identify who’s using it. It cannot tell who you are, only that a person is in its view. The device won’t move if you’re not interacting with it either, whether that is by watching a video, touching the screen, or by saying Alexa. But you can always turn off the motion entirely by using the disable option via the Alexa app, closing the built-in camera shutter, or by commanding Alexa to turn it off.

Amazon has added some other significant updates to the Echo Show 10 too, including group calling with Amazon Chime, Alexa, and Zoom. In addition, support for the Alexa Guard security function is added as well, so whenever you’re away, it will automatically pan to check for human shapes in the room.

Should the Show 10 detect a person who shouldn’t be there, it will send an alert to your phone. You also have the option to “drop-in” whenever you feel the urge to scan the room manually.

Amazon Echo 10 Pre-order

The Echo Show 10 costs $249.99 and pre-orders are active over at Amazon. You can choose between the black and white models and should receive the device before the holidays.

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