Are You Even a True Star Wars Fan If You Don’t Own This Millenium Falcon Wireless Charger?

If you were presented with two options for a charger, would you choose the usual black slab of plastic or a super cool mini-Millenium Falcon? Yep, thought so. So don’t let this thing slip through your fingers.


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Charge your smartphone in the geekiest way possible with the Millenium Falcon wireless charger!

Bring the Force With You!

Your Star Wars fandom level is entirely questionable if you don’t own a Millennium Falcon wireless charger. While there are a lot of unique and edgy wireless chargers out there, this particular one offers quite a unique experience. It’s just satisfying to own it, you know what I mean? It’s one of those things you know you can live without, but it triggers a lot of FOMO feelings at the same time.

It’s a true replica of the Millenium Falcon in which you can place your phone on top to fill it up with sweet battery juice. It does a pretty good job when it comes to charging your device, but it serves as a pretty and geeky ornament as well, something you would show off on your desk office.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the Millenium Falcon charger is that the blue LED thruster lights will illuminate when your phone’s fully charged. This feature isn’t just cool — it’s convenient too. No need of getting up to turn your phone screen on to check if it’s full. Let the lights guide you.

Millennium Falcon Wireless Charger Specs and Features

Key features include an incredibly detailed Millennium Falcon design, a soft rubber charging pad, and as mentioned, the blue LED thruster lights. It would have been better if it has a sound effect, though we’re sure it sits there silent. But the 10W and 7.5 wireless charging makes up for the lack of Star Wars noise.

The wireless charger relies on a USB-C connection to work on a wall outlet, so if you prefer using a cord to charge, you do that. But first, check if your phone uses the same type of fast charging connection. But it’s definitely worth noting that wireless charging delivers faster results.


Measuring inches long x 5 inches wide x 1 inch tall, the Millenium Falcon wireless charger is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and basically anything that supports wireless charging.

Though the creators of this cool contraption have made no announcement about it, we like to think that this Star Wars wireless charger is an upgraded version of the old Millennium Falcon charger that was not wireless. The predecessor did have some pretty LED lights though, so it looked pretty awesome as well.

Get the Coolest Charger in the World

The Millennium Falcon wireless charger is now only available at GameStop, but we’re sure it’s sold elsewhere, albeit second-hand. The retailer offers free shipping if your orders total more than $35, so you will have to add more items because this baby is a hefty $50. Otherwise, you can always pay for shipping fees, which start at $4.

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