Keurig Who Meet Your New Favorite, the Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker

Oxo, the company behind revolutionary kitchen equipment, is pretty new to the game of coffee makers. Its 9-cup Barista Brain, though, is a breeze to use, and it’s a choice for the best programmable coffee maker. The brand’s new product is an 8-cup coffee maker, a fairly standard size brewer with one major bonus: single-serve brewing, without pods.

Taking the most popular characteristics of the original 9-Cup brewer, the new OXO 8-Cup not only follows the exact requirements of the Specialty Coffee Association but also has a more lightweight size and award-winning certified brewing technology. This technology provides water temperature and volume control, as well as quality brewing cycles designed to yield rich, robust coffee at all times. Here are a few other features that we think set the OXO apart from the rest of the crowd in the coffee machine.

Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker Brewing Options

Brewing is a breeze with the versatility that comes with the OXO! BetterBrew Precision brewing machine gives you an extreme amount of control over the whole brewing process. For example, some of the brewing variables you can monitor are the amount of water and the various brewing cycles to give you the most accurate, high-quality output. In addition to this, the OXO also has an incorporated bloom cycle, inspired by the pour-over method’s ability to perfectly extract flavors within the coffee.

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Whether you want to drink a larger amount of coffee all day, or if you’re planning on having fun with your guests, the carafe will hold 8 cups of brewed coffee. It’s vacuum-sealed and double-walled to insulate the coffee thoroughly to keep it warm.

Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker Size and Flexibility

While we completely embrace any coffee addiction, it’s important to ensure that your addiction doesn’t take up all the room on your kitchen countertop. With a size of 13.5′′ x 10.5′′ x 7′′, the OXO is a relatively compact brewer considering the amount of power it has. Due to its lightweight and smaller size, the OXO can sit comfortably and snug on your kitchen counters or underneath the cabinets.

The OXO also has a removable stand that makes it easy for you to fit in cups and cups of all shapes and sizes! The removable well-cover lies within the brewer so that it is low enough to help the carafe during the brewing process, but can easily change over to become a stand for shorter mugs and cups.

Should You Buy It?

The 8-cup makes a great cup of coffee. If you’re someone who doesn’t need to drink coffee all day, the one-serve feature is the perfect way to get your regular fix. Oxo is still active in the market for coffee machines.

Its Barista Brain is a top-rated brewer, and its cold brewer remains one of the leading brands in the world. With Keurig machines and pods losing momentum, the Oxo 8-cup is ready to take over the single-serve coffee maker game.

In the end, OXO is one of the most professionally designed machines on the market today. We were fascinated by the many features of this machine, such that the slight inconveniences could easily be ignored. Brewing capacity, compact size, and smart design make it a perfect addition to every coffee lover’s kitchen.

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