The Lollipop Baby Monitor Is As Fun As It Is Useful Review

The Lollipop baby monitor screams FUN from the very first time you lay eyes on it. Part of a set of video baby monitors that operate through wifi to use your tablet or phone as a parent unit, this baby cam looks to set itself apart from its competitors through design.

Is their strategy working though? Before we answer that, here’s what the Lollipop baby camera is all about.

What Exactly is a Lollipop?

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Well to begin with it’s clear where this baby monitor got its name from. The camera looks like a Lollipop, thanks to the distinctive tail that will be used to mount it in one of five ways.

In the rush of new, smart baby monitors entering the shelves, Lollipop wants to set itself apart by two features: its image and its price. Essentially, the company is making a bet that the budget-conscious parents will be sufficiently intrigued by a fun design to give it a shot, then impressed enough by the features to stick around.

Unlike some competitors like the Nanit, the company is not billing itself as an expert that will improve your child’s health. It’s easy and effective enough to just take the basic concept, to make sure you know what your little one is doing at night.

What to Love

Pleasant Shades of Pastel

The Lollipop camera is available in three soft pastel colors – light green, light blue, and light pink silicone that supports a streamlined black and white camera. The flexible form is perfect for wrapping around a crib, fashioning a stand on a bookshelf, or perching a door handle. We’d like this camera better if it came in white, but in most nurseries the three colors they do look good anyway.

WiFi Connection

The Nest Cam is paired with your smartphone or tablet via WiFi, which means that it works wherever you have a signal. This is perfect for those with good WiFi links, and not great for those with spotted signals.

720p Camera + Night Vision

The Lollipop camera captures high-quality 720p footage and has night vision infrared technology.

Cry Detection

The Lollipop camera will tell you the difference between crying and any natural or background noise. When it hears crying or squealing, it’ll let you know.

Supports Multiple Cameras

If you have more than one baby you want to watch or listen for, the Lollipop app supports that. Just buy an additional camera and set it up via the app.

Things We Don’t Love As Much

Security Concerns

WiFi is hardly the safest way to deliver content, and if you don’t want any weirdo to be able to view the videos of your sleeping baby, you’re going to want to stay away from WiFi baby monitors because they’re trivially quick to hack.

Lacking Separate Display

This camera is paired with a smartphone or tablet (both iOS and Android) and does not have a separate display. To see/hear your kids, you need to have the Lollipop app open on your smartphone.

If you shut the window, Lollipop will give you updates to let you know anytime your child makes noise or travels inside designated areas, but you won’t hear your child cry until you open the app.

Should You Buy the Lollipop Camera Baby Monitor?

The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is a great-looking Wi-Fi baby monitor that’s well built and comes with lots of useful features. The accompanying mobile app is user-friendly and free of charge. The quality of the video is excellent and you have the option to keep it on your local Wi-Fi network for extra security. Local Wi-Fi is a great way to give you the best of both worlds: you have excellent reach throughout your entire home (assuming your Wi-Fi network is good) while keeping your child’s connection secure and private.

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