Love Hot Stones? The ELO Spa Experience Lets You Experience the Real Deal at Home

Relaxing at home this winter doesn’t only call for a nice, warm cup of cocoa by the fireplace. Now you can enjoy one of the most popular spa treatments without actually going out thanks to this innovative Kickstarter: the ELO at-home hot stone spa experience.


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What is the ELO At-Home Hot Stone Spa Experience?

This is the world’s first-ever heated volcanic rock kit that can be used at home and looks like the ones you would normally see in exclusive spas. The ELO set comprises a 7-piece stone set, warming tray, stone polishing cloth, position guide, stone mat, and a dropper bottle.

The stones themselves are high-quality basalt volcanic capable of transferring heat. The set comes with app-controllable light rings that can produce ambient light therapy to set the mood.

The creators take pride in their invention particularly on the fact that the ELO can be used solo.

How the ELO At-Home Works

ELO stones are hand-shaped volcanic rocks made from Basalt stone. It’s the same kind that’s been used since ancient times and is preferred by massage professionals around the world. The company’s Kickstarter page says that the stones can retain heat because of this feature. The 7 rocks included in the set heat up quickly to three temperature levels.

ELO is all about convenience. Its marketing strategy is rooted in the fact that you can use the kit entirely on your own. No need to go and visit the nearest spa. With the ELO at-home stone spa, you can easily target muscle groups, place the stones correctly using the positioning guide.

ELO is also perfect for couples. The company even mentions on their Kickstarter page that giving the perfect massage is easier with this invention. Also, it’s a great way to bond with your partner.

What about Ambient Light Therapy?

The ELO at-home hot stone spa experience isn’t just all about stones. The kit includes ambient light therapy so you can have more options for the type of relaxation. The LED lights not only set the mood, but they also serve as therapy by way of creating visual effects that mimic the movement of natural elements, particularly dusk skies. There’s a full sense of tranquility when using the set.


What’s more, the ELO app allows you to create your own, customized bedtime routine, whatever it is that helps you relax and drift off to sleep faster.

If you’re wondering what the dropper bottle is for, it’s for aromatherapy! Yes, the ELO at-home spa experience wouldn’t be complete without diffusing some calming oils as you relax. Simply choose your favorite essential oil on the stones while warming and wait for your entire room to smell like a spa.

ELO Stones

The ELO set comes with three stone shapes. Staring with the smallest, the Palm Stone helps to meditate and fits perfectly in your hand. The medium-sized Body Stone works great for muscle massages. And finally, the Sacrum Stone, the largest and heaviest type, grounds users.

The ELO at-home stone spa experience is live on Kickstarter, priced at $279. 

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