Wyze Cam v3 Sets the Bar for Affordable Yet Superb Security Cameras

Since introducing its highly impressive home security camera some years back, Wyze has not slowed down one bit and even added an outdoor version of its flagship product, while keeping the insanely affordable $20 price tag. And its designers are on a roll, combining the best of two cameras to create the Wyze Cam v3, the company’s very first indoor/outdoor camera.

Distinct Design that Braves the Outdoors


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Immediately you will notice the iconic design of the original camera when looking at the Wyze Cam v3 — the distinct cube constructed entirely out of plastic. And as security cameras should be as discreet as possible, the v3 is remarkably compact. It can also be rotated around its base or be tilted to any angle you need it to look for the best views.

To ensure that v3 can handle the great outdoors, it’s been integrated with an IP65 construction, which means it’s sturdier and more versatile.

Better Color Night Vision with Ambient Lighting


The Wyze Cam v3 comes with an upgraded camera with an f/1.6 aperture, Starlight CMOS sensor, 20 FPS capture, and a wider 130-degree field view. As with the v2, the v3 tops out at 1080p.

The 1080p resolution is not the best, but it gives enough quality and detail. Perhaps one issue that can be improved is the camera’s dynamic range that can be quite challenging when contrasting light conditions are present, which results in overexposed highlights. Making up for the little flaw is the camera’s color night vision.

The added benefit of color vision offers immense detail, though the standard night vision in black and white is enough to see near extremely dark conditions. For example, the color of a person’s shirt is distinguishable. This is the kind of information you will need in case of an emergency.

Comparing color night vision with black and white, it’s easy to see that the former produces important details that you won’t just see with the latter. What’s lacking, however, is some degree of ambient lighting just to improve things up a bit.

When it comes to two-way conversations, the voices are clear enough to hear through the app. The speaker volume is also decent.

Enhanced Security Features

Consumers are mostly forgiving in cheap products, expecting nothing in terms of features. However, the Wyze Cam v3 has set the bar for cheap security cameras, defying the old belief that cheap equates to elementary.


Wyze has everything you need in a security camera. It can record and detect sounds and unusual motion, and you can even set detection zones so you decrease the likelihood of false alerts. You can automate certain tasks and create custom schedules, and there’s even an option to detect gas and smoke sirens when they’re set off.

Is the Wyze Cam v3 Worth It?

It’s an easy and massive YES. The Wyze Cam v3 definitely sets the benchmark for what it means to be a beginner’s security camera these days, and with a ridiculously low price of $20 to boot. You can’t find anything like this anywhere, not with its entire set of features. Seriously, you should get one. Or two. In fact, deck you entire your house with it.

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