TableFarm Smart Indoor Microgarden Delivers Fresh Greens Straight Out of Your Countertop

The idea of having fresh greens is a dream for many homemakers, which is sadly hard to come by these days. Movement restrictions in light of the ongoing health crisis prevent us from picking the freshest produce, and not all of us are blessed with “green fingers” to grow a garden.

Enter TableFarm, a Kickstarter campaign that promises what its name implies — a farm on a table.

What Exactly is TableFarm?

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The TableFarm is an innovative smart garden for indoors that’s designed to make gardening less of a hassle. It’s a small contraption that can grow herbs and vegetables by automatically nurturing them with enough light and water to survive.

How Does it Work?

This tiny garden has the capability to raise and harvest what’s called microgreens, which are essentially the version of vegetables and herbs right after germination — the first sprout of leaves you thought was too fragile to pick.

It turns out these microgreens hold a chock-full of nutrients, in fact, 260 times denser than that of mature plants. You see those tiny leaves chefs sprinkle on top of pasta and soups? Yes, those pack quite a punch in terms of nutrients.


The magic — rather, science — begins with TableFarm’s seed pads, which are situated on the soil-less growing bed consisting of a dense hydroponic substrate and thick tissue layer. This is designed like so to ensure ample spacing and water uptake.

What Plants Can the TableFarm Grow?

These pads can be sprinkled with kale seeds, cabbage, cilantro, amaranthus, and radish. While the selection of seeds is limited, the creators of TableFarm promise more options underway. When seeds are planted, they sip water by way of a passive watering mechanism designed underneath the seed pads, which you only need to refill once a week. As for the lighting, the TableFarm simply needs to be plugged and switched on and the LED with daylight mimicry tech should provide the seeds with enough to grow.


The microgreens will be ready to harvest every seven to 10 days. With the TableFarm empty, another batch of seeds can be planted again. A monthly subscription provides new seeds, with each set of three priced at $15.

Why Choose TableFarm?

We all know that store-bought greens perish quickly and produce plenty of waste. According to the creators, their priority was to build something that would allow people to add greens to their diet hassle-free and conveniently. They believe that people should have a way of growing and consuming greens without having to deal with pesticides and adding waste to our planet.

By using a ceramic basin, the creators developed a well-thought design that’s capable of holding enough water for a week, putting aesthetics in mind during the process as well. Following numerous test runs, they finally decided on the materials and processing to produce the ceramic basins dishwasher safe, along with the essential parts of the device. And just for fun, the TableFarm is available in four, pretty finishes: metallic black, rose, beige, and mint.

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