Bose SoundLink Color II Brings Vibrant Hues To Your Afternoon Casual Listening

The change in seasons is like nature’s way of announcing it’s time to gear up for parties and gatherings. Whether it’s something that you always love doing or a mere obligation, you gotta have some sort of musical ambiance. It’s a good thing the Bose SoundLink Color II is now on sale but is it good enough to give your little soiree a boost?

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Bose SoundLink Color II: An Improved Sequel

It’s mostly updated sequel, the SoundLink Color II, also comes in a few different color choices and is identical in shape, but much shorter and stouter, and weighs a little more though costing the same price: $130, £120 in the UK, and $179 in Australia.

What You Get

Other bonus features include a speakerphone microphone capability, as well as NFC tap-to-pair technology for devices that support it. The SoundLink Color II can remember up to eight devices paired to it, although its eight-hour battery life-at medium-volume levels-is the same as the original. (That’s nice enough but not particularly strong at all).


Note, too, that the USB-powered speaker does not have an AC adapter. That might be annoying to some, but I was cool with it—any regular phone or gadget charger you’ve got will do the trick.

Pairing and re-pairing the speaker with iOS or Android phones go smooth—there are voice prompts to direct you through the process. There’s also a companion software for iOS and Android—Bose Connect—which doesn’t do too much but allows you to rename the speaker to your taste, disable the voice prompts listed above, and check your remaining battery power.

What You Hear

The SoundLink Color ($84 at Amazon) sounds a bit better than the original—which makes it one of the best-sounding Bluetooth speakers for its size. I ran a lot of different music through it and I came away impressed with the sound that it was able to make, even though it had its shortcomings. (It may envelop a small sound room, but don’t expect it to occupy a larger space).


It’s best with jazz, classical, acoustic live songs, and your favorite soft rock music. There’s not a lot of bass, but with well-recorded techno and hip-hop songs, there’s enough kick to impress you occasionally. But songs, where a lot of instruments play at once, are more difficult for this little guy, and you’ll sometimes note that the speaker ratchets back a range of frequencies as well as the volume to prevent it from distorting.

Should You Buy It?

You can get speakers that have a better battery life, such as the JBL Charge 3, or those with better water resistance, such as the UE Roll ($220 at Amazon). But given the option of sound, I would go for Bose. It’s a bit expensive at $130 (ideally priced close to $100), but it’s a very good little speaker with just a few small drawbacks.

While the Bose SoundLink Color II is a couple of years old, it’s still a fantastic investment for listeners already in the Bose ecosystem. While it’s still pricey, the $129 isn’t going to break the bank like the Sonos Move. This little speaker has excellent functionality; besides, being able to upgrade the firmware through the app gives me confidence that any connection problems will be resolved.

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