The Vans Classic Checkerboard Slip-On Gets a Mind-Bending Twist

Crafted from 100% old-school canvas material, Vans didn’t bat an eye when they dropped this fresh take on their iconic checkerboard sneakers. The twist? It’s quite psychedelic. 

Vans Twist Checkerboard Sneakers: Cool, Comfortable, and Mind-Bending!


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The Vans UA Classic Slip-On Twist Sneakers is a literal twist to the signature checkerboard sneakers in cream white and black. The new iteration is the stuff of psychedelic dreams. The pair comes with an UltraCush insole and a padded collar, along with elasticated side inserts for comfort. Completing the old-school style is the white, chunky rubber waffle sole that ensures durability and traction.

The altered checkerboard pattern gives the slip-on a hypnotic aesthetic as the red Vans motif is wrapped around the side of the midsole instead of it being at the center of the heel. The warped number maintains the white, chunky classic style outer sole that’s responsible for the grip and traction no matter what you’re doing, from walking to skating.

The Ultimate Lazy Man’s Shoe

Countless brands are spending a lot of time figuring out how to get rid of laces on sneakers. Adidas, for one, has been relentlessly offering sock-like sneakers and after three decades of promises, the brand finally has self-lacing shoes.


Now these kinds of innovations are impressive, and that’s an understatement even, but Vans has been laceless for some 40 years now. The original checkerboard sneakers, along with the many laceless Vans footwear are just easy to wear. And the brand keeps churning out new designs, so you’ll never run out of options.

Twist Checkerboard Slip-Ons That’ll Get You Noticed

What’s interesting is the fact that the checkerboard pattern hasn’t been trademarked by Vans at all, but one look at anything checkered, you think of Vans. It’s also a pattern you can wear with anything and wouldn’t clash with an outfit. Or you can wear something solid instead and make it the highlight of your outfit.

A Secret Weapon to Any Occasion

Remember when Frank Ocean wore a pair of Vans checkerboard sneakers to the White House? He paired with a navy blue suit and boy, did he look cool. You’re no Frank Ocean, but who says you can’t wear these twist checkerboard sneakers to a formal occasion? Unless the dress code calls for a black-tie, consider this pair your best bet. And you’ll be comfortable all night.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Vans Twist Checkerboard Slip-Ons


Vans checkerboard sneakers have been loved by stoners and skaters, prepsters, and posters since 1977, back when the original version was called “Style #98.” Now the brand has released a twist version, it’s not really surprising why this model is always out of stock.

We’ll say this right now and probably say it again in the future: this is the version of the sneaker you should be spending your money on.

Vans’ UA Classic Slip-On Twist retails for $80 and is available to cop via online retailers.

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